Fiery Hot Folders

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Fiery Hot Folders

The Fiery Hot Folders application provides a quick and automated method of sending files to a Fiery Server with predefined settings, which eliminates repeatedly setting the same options for multiple jobs or frequently used layouts.

The application lets you create as many Hot Folders as you want, each with a distinct profile of print settings for a specific type of output. For each Hot Folder, you assign a Job Action that determines how the Fiery Server handles the job, which further streamlines the printing process. Using a Hot Folder, you can send files directly to the Fiery Server without starting the application in which the files were created. Because a Hot Folder can be shared on a network, it provides an easy way to forward jobs without installing the application on the recipient’s system. When you install Hot Folders on a system, any Hot Folder that you create resides as a special folder on your hard disk and contains all the files and subfolders that contain information about your jobs.

A folder is considered "Hot" when it is:

  • Connected to a Fiery Server

  • Monitored by the Hot Folders application

  • Configured with predefined print options (optional)

  • Configured with imposition settings (optional)

  • Configured with file filters and application-specific formats (optional)

The Hot Folders software process runs in the background, continuously monitoring your active Hot Folders for new jobs to print or process. The Job Action specified for the Hot Folder determines how the Fiery Server handles the job.

The Hot Folders application monitors all Hot Folders created locally on your own system, but does not monitor Hot Folders created on other systems.

The Hot Folders application includes the following:

  • Fiery Hot Folders Console - Provides access to your Hot Folders and overview information about the location, Job Action, and current settings for each Hot Folder.

  • Status & Log - Monitor the status of files in progress and allow viewing of the log of all files processed through your Hot Folders.

  • Job Properties - provides access to the print options, including job presets, and imposition software.

  • Input Formats - Provides access to filters and application-specific print settings, which you can set through a Hot Folder without opening or installing the original application.

  • Preflight Settings- Provides access to Preflight, which can be enabled to check submitted jobs for errors before printing.

  • Backup & Restore - Backs up and restores the Hot Folders that reside on your computer.