Fiery Hot Folders

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Preflight checks jobs submitted to the Hot Folder in the most common areas of error, thus reducing costly printing errors. Preflight is a feature of Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition.

For a Preflight check, the Hot Folder must:

  • Be connected to a Fiery Server with Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition, enabled.

  • Have Preflight enabled. (If the Hot Folder has Direct connection specified as the Job Action, Preflight is not available.)

Preflight performs a specified action based on settings you configure for a Hot Folder with Preflight enabled. Preflight checks for the following errors:

  • Fonts - Checks for missing fonts and Courier font substitution.

  • Spot Colors - Checks for missing spot colors. (You can add missing spot colors in Command WorkStation Spot Colors.)

  • Image Resolution - Checks for image resolution less than a specified value.

  • VDP Resources - Checks for missing VDP resources.

    You can choose to check a specific number of records. Select this option to avoid a potentially long processing time for Preflight.

  • Hairlines - Checks for line thickness less than a specified value.

  • Overprint - Checks for overprint.

Preflight supports PostScript, PDF, EPS, PPML, and Creo VPS file formats. Preflight does not support TIFF and PCL file formats.