Fiery Hot Folders

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Troubleshooting Hot Folders

If you have trouble with the Hot Folders application, there are several troubleshooting options.

Fiery Server does not respond

Do any of the following to troubleshoot:
  • Make sure that the printer is turned on.

    The printer may have been turned off, or the Power Saver mode function may have engaged.

  • Make sure that the printer is connected.

    If the administrator or operator has selected Suspend Printing, your print job will not resume until Resume Printing is selected.

  • Make sure that the Fiery Server is on the network.

    For more information, see Connect a Hot Folder to a Fiery Server.

  • Make sure that the Server Name and/or IP address has not changed.

    If the IP address or Server Name changed, the administrator may need to edit the folder properties and reconnect to the new Server Name or IP address. Alternatively, you can connect to a different Fiery Server. For more information, see Connect an existing Hot Folder to a different Fiery Server.

A Hot Folder cannot connect to a Fiery Server

Check the following:
  • Make sure that the Fiery Server is turned on.

  • Make sure that the Hot Folder is activated.

  • Make sure that Stop All Hot Folders is not enabled.

    When you choose Stop All Hot Folders, jobs are not processed and all Hot Folders are disabled until you restart all Hot Folders. Any added Hot Folders are disabled. For more information, see Stop and restart all Hot Folders.

  • If the Hot Folder is activated, try to open the connection with another utility, such as Command WorkStation.

    If no other utilities connect, the problem may be with the Fiery Server. If this happens, make sure the connection is valid. Open the folder properties, and change the IP address to the Server Name.

  • If you are using Mac OS and want to connect by using a DNS name, make sure the Search DNS Names feature is configured on your system. If you do not have the feature configured, use the IP address of the Fiery Server. Contact your network administrator to enable the Search DNS Names feature.

A Hot Folder is missing from the Hot Folders Console

Make sure you did not rename the Hot Folder from the desktop, rather than in the Fiery Hot Folders Console. For more information, see Rename a Hot Folder.

My original file disappeared

The original file may have been moved without making a copy. (When you drag a file onto a Hot Folder on the same disk partition as the source file, the file is moved, not copied.)

Check inside the supporting folders. For more information, see Access original job files.

My job failed

The folder properties may not match the file and the folder may not support that type of file.

  1. Access the log to view the status of the file.
  2. Make sure the folder properties match your file and that you do not download a file that is not supported by a folder. For example, if you download a JPEG file to a Hot Folder configured for a Color Separated filter, the job will fail.

Maintain optimal performance

The Hot Folders application archives your original files in the supporting folders, which can quickly use up disk space.

Do any of the following:
  • Free up disk space by deleting some or all of the archives of your original files in the supporting folders if you do not need to keep them.

    By default, supporting folders are created within the Hot Folder, but you can change the location of your original files.

  • Set up a regular schedule for deleting original files by setting the Clear original files option in Preferences.