Fiery Hot Folders

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Imposition templates

You can apply imposition layouts for special printing and binding needs. To impose a layout, you apply an imposition template to a Hot Folder, and then drag the job to that Hot Folder.

Default imposition templates are accessible without a license or dongle. Custom imposition templates require a license (or a dongle if you are connected to a Fiery Server that requires one).

  • To create a custom template, change the imposition settings of an existing template and save the new template to the Hot Folder.

    The Based on Crop Box finish size setting is used for the default imposition templates. The User Defined finish size setting is supported for custom imposition templates. User Defined automatically uses the Acrobat PDF trim box size.

    Note: User Defined custom templates require PDF source files. PostScript files are not supported.

If your Hot Folder is connected to a Fiery Server that supports variable data printing, you can also impose variable data printing jobs.