Fiery Hot Folders

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Fiery Hot Folders Console

The Fiery Hot Folders Console lets you access your Hot Folders and overview information about the location, Job Action, and settings for each Hot Folder.

The Fiery Hot Folders Console provides access to Status & Log, which opens a separate window where you can monitor and track all jobs processed through a Hot Folder.

The console includes the following:

  • Menus - provides commands to create and manager your Hot Folders, to set preferences and to access Backup & Restore.
  • Taskbar - provides quick access to most of the commands in the menus, as well as Status & Log.
  • Server list - lists all connected Fiery Servers and associated Hot Folders. The server list can be collapsed or expanded to display the Hot Folders connected to each Fiery Server.
  • Hot Folder summary - provides information about the configuration of the selected Hot Folder.
  • Job properties - provides information about a subset of the Job Properties configured for the selected Hot Folder.
    Note: The Fiery Hot Folders Console displays only a subset of Job Properties. To view a complete summary of Job Properties, see Specify Hot Folder Job Properties.