Fiery Hot Folders

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Edit imposition templates

Fiery Impose lets you edit imposition templates. The Fiery Server must support Fiery Impose, and you must have the appropriate license. Some older Fiery Servers may require a dongle.

  1. In the Fiery Hot Folders Console, double-click the Hot Folder to open the Hot Folders Settings window.
  2. Click Define in the Job Properties menu to open the Job Properties window.
  3. Choose Layout > Impose.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • Choose an imposition template from the list and click OK.

      The Based on Crop Box finish size setting is used for the default imposition templates.

    • Click Edit Impose Template to start Fiery Impose and create a custom template.

      The User Defined finish size setting is supported for custom imposition templates and supports the Acrobat PDF trim box setting.

      Note: User Defined custom templates require PDF source files. PostScript files are not supported.