Fiery Driver for Mac OS

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Print jobs with different media types

The Mixed media feature defines a print job’s chapter divisions and print certain pages, or ranges of pages, on varying types of media.

For example, you can add blank pages or specify duplex pages within a single print job. You can also use Mixed media to specify chapter-based finishing options, which treat each chapter as a separate finishing or duplexing set.

Note: You can save up to 100 different settings for the Selection List.
  1. In your application, click File > Print and select the Fiery Server as your printer.
  2. Open the Full Properties dialog box. (See Open the Full Properties dialog box in Fiery Features.)
  3. Click the Media icon.
  4. Expand the Mixed media option, and select from the following options:
    Note: If you use the Chapter Start Page(s), Define Cover, or Define Each Chapter As A Finishing Set, all media specified in the paper size per chapter must share the same dimensions.
    • Chapter Start Page(s) - Designates chapter divisions, using comma-separated values (for example: 4,9,17) to designate the start of each new chapter. It is not necessary to type the first page; page numbers refer to the numbering of the original document.

    • Define Each Chapter As A Separate Finishing Set - Applies finishing options (such as stapling) or double-sided printing to each chapter created with the Chapter Start Page(s) option. For double-sided printing, this option forces each starting page to use a right-side page, adding a preceding left-sided blank, if necessary.

    • Define Cover - Assigns page attributes to front and back cover pages.

      Note: This option is available if the Fiery Server supports it.
    • New Page Range - Assigns page attributes to specific pages, or ranges of pages. After you set page attributes, click Add Definition to save your settings.

    • New Insert: Use this option to assign page attributes to blank pages. After you set page attributes, click Insert, and then click Close to return to the Mixed media view.