Fiery Command WorkStation

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Create a custom calibration setting

When you create a custom calibration setting, the spectrophotometer is automatically selected as the measurement method. ColorCal is not available as a method because it does not use a colorimetric instrument.

You must have Administrator privileges to create a custom calibration setting.

After you create a new calibration setting, you associate it with an output profile. Depending on your paper, a new calibration setting may not give satisfactory results when used with an existing output profile. If it does not, we recommend that you create a new, custom output profile based on your paper.

  • If you select an existing profile, select the profile for the paper that is the most similar to your paper. A copy of this profile with the same name as the calibration setting is created, and the existing calibration target (goal) of the profile is changed to a new target calculated using the calibration measurements. The new calibration setting is associated with this profile.

  • If you create a new, custom output profile, a profiling measurement page is printed. You measure the page using Printer Profiler in Fiery Color Profiler Suite, and the resulting profile is imported to the Fiery Server and associated with your new calibration setting.

  1. In Fiery Command WorkStation Device Center, click the General tab, click Tools, and then click Manage under Calibrate.
  2. Click Create New.
  3. Select the calibration setting that best matches your paper or select Server default, and click OK.
  4. Type a new name for the calibration setting.
  5. (Optional) For Recommended paper, type the name of your paper.
  6. (Optional) For Paper reorder number, type the product ID number for your paper.

    This information can usually be found on the paper packaging. To find out more about a recommended paper, perform an Internet search on the paper reorder number.

  7. (Optional) Type information in the Comment field.
  8. Check the list of properties (print settings) related to calibration.
  9. If you want to change one or more print settings, click Properties, make the changes, and then click OK.

    Do not select any settings (such as finishing options) that will make your calibration page unmeasurable.

  10. Click Continue.
  11. Select the Paper Source for printing the calibration page and click Continue.
  12. Follow the on-screen instructions to measure the calibration page.
  13. To print a test page, click View Measurements, and then click Test Print.

    You can print a test page to help you decide whether to associate the calibration setting with an existing output profile or create a new output profile.

  14. Do one of the following to associate the new calibration setting with an output profile:
    • Select an output profile from the list of profiles that reside on the Fiery Server.

    • If Fiery Color Profiler Suite is installed on your computer, click Create New Profile to create a new, custom output profile using Fiery Color Profiler Suite.