Fiery JobMaster-Fiery Impose-Fiery Compose

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Fiery JobMaster-Fiery Impose-Fiery Compose

Fiery makeready software integrates labor-intensive document preparation activities at both the sheet level and page level in one visual interface.

These integrated job preparation tools offer the following modes, depending on what client license is available:

  • Fiery JobMaster provides advanced PDF-based job preparation tools for scanning, tab creation and insertion, page numbering, chapter creation, and late stage editing. It includes all functions of Fiery Compose.

  • Fiery Compose allows you to define the chapter divisions of a job, print ranges of pages on varying types of media, insert blank media between pages, and insert tab media containing text labels (if the printer supports tab printing).

  • Fiery Impose applies imposition layouts to jobs for custom printing, binding, and trimming. Fiery Impose also applies impositions to variable data jobs and saves imposed jobs as PDF files.

  • Preview provides a preview of a job before it is processed and is a standard feature of Command WorkStation. Users can do a soft proof of each sheet surface of a job before it is processed. The visual interface changes dynamically to display any changes made in preparing documents for printing.

The Fiery makeready applications are supported on both Windows and Mac OS computers. For information about system requirements, see Configuration and Setup for your Fiery server.

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