Fiery JobMaster-Fiery Impose-Fiery Compose

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Add a new job

You can create a blank new job in Fiery Impose, Fiery Compose, or Fiery JobMaster.

You must have Fiery Impose, Fiery Compose, or Fiery JobMaster licensed on your computer to create a new job. You cannot create a new job in Fiery Impose demo version.
For example, you can create a job entirely in Fiery JobMaster, including tab and scan jobs. This is useful when you do not have any digital content already stored on the Fiery server.
  1. Click the New Job icon in the Command WorkStation tool bar, or select it from the File menu. Your new job opens in either Fiery Impose, Fiery Compose, or Fiery JobMaster, depending on the license activated on your computer.
  2. Apply settings as required.
  3. Insert pages from an existing job, if required. You can only insert pages from the source PDF document. You cannot insert pages that were previously added as inserted tabs to that job.
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