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PS to PDF conversion

The native format of Fiery Impose, Fiery Compose, Fiery JobMaster, or Fiery Preview is PDF. If a PostScript file is open in one of these applications, the PS to PDF Conversion converts the job to PDF before any other actions are performed. When you save the opened PostScript job, the PDL of the saved job appears as a PDF in the Held queue.

To turn on the PS to PDF Conversion option, go to the General tab of Preferences. Select PS to PDF Conversion.

When Use server conversion if supported is selected, you may choose either Use default server settings or Use selected job options file.
Note: Adobe Distiller must be installed on the server to use default job option settings.

When you choose Use selected job options file, select Browse to view available files. If Adobe Distiller is installed on the client, you may select any job option installed in Adobe Distiller job options folder.

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