Fiery makeready applications v4.11

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Fiery JobMaster

Fiery JobMaster is an advanced PDF-based job-preparation solution designed to help operators deal with complex document tasks such as tab insertion, scanning, chapterization, page numbering, and late stage editing. Fiery JobMaster, along with Fiery Impose and Fiery Compose, is one of the Fiery makeready applications.

Note: To use Fiery JobMaster (or Fiery Impose or Fiery Compose), you must have a license activated on your client computer. You need a License Activation Code (LAC); if you do not have one, contact your Fiery dealer or printer manufacturer.

Fiery JobMaster includes Fiery Compose options, although Fiery Compose is also available as a separate licensed option.

Fiery JobMaster is accessed from Command WorkStation and opens in the Fiery JobMaster window.

Adobe Acrobat and Enfocus PitStop Pro are provided in the Fiery JobMaster kit. Adobe Acrobat and PitStop allow editing in Acrobat from Fiery JobMaster, and can be used in some cases to convert PostScript files to PDF for Fiery JobMaster. For more information about installing Acrobat and PitStop, see Utilities, which is part of the user documentation set.

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