Fiery makeready applications v4.11

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VDP in Fiery Impose

In Fiery Impose, Variable Data Printing (VDP) imposition uses many of the features available for a normal imposition job. However, there are differences between VDP and normal imposition, and differences in the Fiery Impose window.

A Variable Data Printing (VDP) job consists of one or more variable-data records.

Fiery Impose lets you impose jobs saved in any of the following VDP formats:

  • FreeForm 1.0 and FreeForm 2.1 (FreeForm 2.0 is not supported.)

  • VPS

  • PPML

  • PDF/VT

You can impose VDP jobs using predefined templates or custom templates created in Fiery Impose.

When you apply a template to a VDP job, the template’s imposition layout is applied in sequence to each record in the job.

  • Each record begins on a new sheet.

  • If a record does not fill the sheet completely, Fiery Impose inserts one or more blank pages to compensate for remaining slots on the sheet surface.

  • The number of pages in each record can vary. Fiery Impose inserts blank pages to compensate for differences in page length among records.

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