Fiery makeready applications v4.11

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User interface customizations saved between sessions

The system saves user interface customizations separately for four product intents: Fiery Impose, Fiery JobMaster/Fiery Compose, Preview, and Raster Preview.

For each of these product intents, the user interface customizations are saved between sessions. When you open a new session in that same product intent, customizations from the previous session are restored, including:
  • position and size of the main window
  • user interface settings inside the window, including:
    • sizes of the Page View, Sheet View, and (for Fiery JobMaster) Job Summary panes
    • expand/collapse state of collapsible panes: Page View, Sheet View, and (for Fiery JobMaster) Job Summary panes
    • zoom level of Page View thumbnails and Sheet View pages
Note: The system saves your customizations for your initial product intent. When you close Fiery JobMaster, Fiery Impose, or Fiery Compose, settings to be restored are saved for that product intent, and are applied the next time you open that product intent. Customizations are not applied when you switch between product intents: for example, between Gangup (an Impose mode) and Compose. Customizations saved for one product intent (for example Compose) are not applied the next time you launch another product intent (for example Impose); rather, the applied customizations for Impose are from the previous time you closed Impose.
Note: Fiery Preview does not save the collapse state of the Page View or Settings pane. They are always collapsed when you open Fiery Preview.
When you open Raster Preview, the image area is scaled to fit. Persistent settings in Raster Preview mode are:
  • size and location of main window
  • window maximized/restore state
  • Page View thumbnails collapse/expand state, zoom level, and pane size
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