Fiery makeready applications v4.11

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Fiery Compose

Fiery Compose, one of the Fiery makeready applications which also include Fiery Impose and Fiery JobMaster, lets you prepare a job (spooled and held in Command WorkStation) for printing.

Note: Fiery Compose options are a subset of Fiery JobMaster, which includes more advanced job preparation options.

Fiery Compose is a dynamic application: The available options depend on which printer you select. For a single job, you can use Fiery Compose to:

  • Set chapters and apply subset finishing, if supported

  • Specify different media for front and back covers, body pages, and sections

  • Insert blank pages, sheets, tabs, or other documents

  • Edit a document using Adobe Acrobat and Enfocus PitStop

Note: The client computer must have an activated Fiery Compose license to use Fiery Compose.

Fiery Compose lets you work on any PDF or PostScript job at the page level. If you edit a PostScript job in Fiery Compose, Fiery Compose converts it to PDF. Any changes you make to the job appear in the Sheet View pane.

Note: If you have an activated license for Fiery Compose or Fiery JobMaster, you can create a brand new print job that opens in the Fiery Compose or Fiery JobMaster window by selecting the New Job icon in the Command WorkStation tool bar. Create a new job when you want to prepare a job from a scanned document, print a tabs-only job, or combine existing jobs, starting from an empty job.

If a job contains Mixed Media settings that were set in the printer driver or Command WorkStation, these settings appear when you view the job in Fiery Compose. After you save the job in Fiery Compose, you cannot go back and make changes in the Mixed Media window.

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