Fiery JobFlow Help v2.4

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Configuring Fiery JobFlow

The Fiery JobFlow administrator configures the Fiery JobFlow server from the Admin menu.

The Admin menu provides access to the following tabs:

  • Account settings: Provides access to Profile, Notifications, User Management, Services, Locations, and Backup & Restore settings.

  • Module settings: Provides access to settings for each of the modules.

  • Resources: Allows the administrator to import Fiery Impose templates and Image Enhance presets, custom preflight profiles, action lists, connect packages, and variable sets from Enfocus PitStop Pro. Enfocus resources require the licensed version of Fiery JobFlow. To save and use Fiery Impose templates, a Fiery Impose license must be activated on the client computer.

  • Sign Out: Returns to the Log In window.

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