Fiery JobFlow Help v2.4

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About Jobs

All users can submit jobs and monitor the progress of their jobs in the Fiery JobFlow interface.

When a job is submitted, it is immediately processed through the selected workflow. You can use the drag-and-drop operation to submit a single job, multiple files, or an archive (a .zip file) from your computer desktop onto the workflow name in the Fiery JobFlow interface.

Jobs can be submitted in a number of different file formats to workflows that are PDF or non-PDF dependent.
  • PDF-dependent: The Convert module converts jobs to Adobe PDF. In a PDF-dependent workflow, after using the Convert module, you have the option to select from any of the remaining modules as all other modules are PDF-dependent.
  • Non-PDF dependent: You have the option to delete the Convert module, bypass other modules that are PDF-dependent, and directly output the job to a specified output location.
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