Fiery JobFlow

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Using Fiery JobFlow

Fiery JobFlow functions as a server after installation and can be accessed from a shortcut on the computer desktop placed automatically during installation.

When Fiery JobFlow is started the first time after installation, the administrator will create an Admin password, and provide the IP address of a Fiery Server or Fiery Central Server.

To access the Fiery JobFlow server from a different client computer, you must have the IP address or domain name of the computer where Fiery JobFlow is installed. Connect through your browser. If you do not know the IP address of the server, ask the Fiery JobFlow administrator.

Note: When you are connecting to the Fiery JobFlow server from another computer, the URL will be in the format: http://<IP address>/jobflow/login. The URL for Fiery JobFlow on the host computer will be: http://localhost/jobflow/login.

Four levels of access are available for Fiery JobFlow: Administrator, Operator, Guest, and External Reviewers. The administrator password is set up during installation.

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