Fiery JobFlow

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Fiery JobFlow

Fiery JobFlow provides a browser-based prepress workflow that allows operators to define and automate repetitive tasks such as PDF conversion, preflight, correction of PDF files, image enhancement, document imposition, job ticketing, and approval.

Import files to Fiery JobFlow from a SmartFolder, your Dropbox account, SMB, FTP, or sFTP locations. Set up the workflow for the imported file and have it output to a Fiery Server, Fiery Central printer group, a Dropbox account, SMB or (s)FTP locations. As your job is processed through the different modules, email notifications can be sent giving you status updates.

The Fiery JobFlow application is installed on a Windows client computer and functions as a Fiery JobFlow server.

Fiery JobFlow Base is a version of Fiery JobFlow that is available for free with Fiery Extended Applications (FEA) 4.3. Fiery JobFlow Base supports PDF conversion, Fiery Preflight, image enhancement, document imposition, and flexible options for job submission, archiving, and output.

For information about installing Fiery JobFlow, see the Installation Guide: Command WorkStation 5.7 with Fiery Extended Applications 4.3 and Customer Release Notes: Fiery Extended Applications Package 4.3 at For system requirements, see

The licensed version of Fiery JobFlow adds rules-based workflows, advanced Preflight and PDF editing through Enfocus PitStop Pro, and a cloud-based approval process. To activate the Fiery JobFlow license, you must register with EFI Passport at

For important information about this release of Fiery JobFlow, see the release notes at

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