Fiery Hot Folders

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Output file type

Most of the Hot Folders filters convert to PostScript by default. The Output file type option lets you further convert PostScript to PDF, if necessary.

For the EPS, Microsoft, PS and CT/LW files, if you select output to PDF, you can choose from the Adobe Acrobat Distiller profiles and set the Distiller job options, which control the quality of conversion from PostScript to PDF.

When accessing Distiller profiles and settings, the Hot Folders application can retrieve Distiller profiles from the default location defined in Adobe Acrobat. However, if you have saved your profiles in a different location, you will need to manually copy the default location.

For PDF, TIFF, and JPEG files, you have the option to Merge all files if submitted as a folder.

The Output file type option is available for all filters except VDP.