Fiery Hot Folders

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Set Hot Folders preferences

You can set preferences that apply to all Hot Folders.

  1. In the Fiery Hot Folders Console, choose Edit > Preferences (Windows) or Fiery Hot Folders > Preferences (Mac OS).
  2. Set one or more of the following preferences:
    • Units - If the Fiery Server supports imposition, sets the default unit of measurement for use within Fiery Impose.

    • Imposition template location - If the Fiery Server supports imposition, sets the default location of imposition templates.

    • Time interval to check for jobs - Sets the default time interval to check for new jobs. Setting a longer interval can prevent problems that may occur when processing large or multi-part files (such as CT/LW or DCS 2.0 files) through a Hot Folder.

      Note: You can override the default time interval in the settings for a specific Hot Folder.
    • Save original files in - Specifies the location for archiving original files. By default, original files are archived in the supporting folders that are automatically created inside the Hot Folder. If you specify a different location, all original files from all Hot Folders will be saved in this common location.

    • Clear original files - Sets the default time interval to wait before clearing the archived original files.

    • Autorefresh Hot Folders linked server presets - Enables Hot Folders to update its display of a server preset’s settings (in the Fiery Hot Folders Console) at a specific time interval.