Fiery Hot Folders

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JDF Filter

Hot Folders supports the JDF (Job Definition Format) workflow. JDF technology is an XML-based open industry standard for job tickets.

JDF jobs from a submitting application can be submitted through Hot Folders to Fiery Servers that have JDF submission enabled. The JDF filter is supported on Windows Hot Folders only, not on Mac OS Hot Folders.

When you submit a JDF job to a Hot Folder, the Input Formats dialog box displays the JDF option and disables all other options. The JDF filter requires a Fiery Server that supports JDF jobs and has the Fiery JDF feature turned on in Configure.

Setting JDF as an input format disables the job properties and job action selections in Hot Folders. The job uses settings defined in the JDF ticket of the job and any JDF settings configured on the Fiery Server. You can specify the job action for JDF jobs by choosing a Virtual Printer in the JDF section of Configure.

When you submit a JDF job to a Hot Folder, the job goes through the standard JDF workflow on the Fiery Server and is managed through Command WorkStation.

You can specify JDF as the input format by selecting JDF in the Input Formats dialog box.