Fiery Hot Folders

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Job Properties groups

The Job Properties print options are grouped by categories for quick access.

The groups or tabs are as follows:

  • Quick Access - Includes shortcuts to print options. You can customize this window to include frequently used options or combinations of print options.

  • Job Info - Includes information about the job, including user information required for user authentication, secure print properties, and job handling.

  • Media - Includes media attributes and sources of paper.

  • Layout - Includes options about how the file is positioned or imaged on the media/sheet, except for positioning that compensates for finishing options, for example, Tray Alignment. Layout includes access to Fiery Impose software, if available for your Fiery Server.

  • Color - Includes print options available on color printers.

  • Image - Includes image transformation quality settings, except for settings that control color.

  • Finishing - Includes print options related to finishing equipment on the printer and also image shifting to compensate for finishing options.

  • VDP - Includes print options related to variable data printing.

  • Stamping - Includes image stamping options that add, hide, or remove any image on the job. This also includes watermark properties. The Stamping tab may not be supported for all Fiery Servers.

  • Summary - Provides a summary of the Job Properties.