Fiery Hot Folders

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Specify Hot Folder Job Properties

You can specify the Job Properties for a Hot Folder from the Fiery Hot Folders Console.

  1. In the Fiery Hot Folders Console, double-click the Hot Folder to open the Hot Folders Settings window.
  2. Click Define in the Job Properties menu to open the Job Properties window.
    Note: By default, you might see that Preserve Document Setting is set for some print options. This setting lets you maintain properties that are already set in the job. You can override these settings. The settings are applied to the jobs submitted to the Hot Folder. If you choose Default for Job Properties, jobs are printed with the default settings of the Fiery Server. If you choose a preset, jobs are printed with the preset settings. For more information, see Using presets.
  3. Specify print options in each tab or choose a preset from the Presets list.