Fiery XF 7.3

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System maintenance

The Server tab contains settings concerned with organising your Fiery system.

Server Info & Configuration
Provides general settings for Adobe print engines, PANTONE PLUS color definitions, update notifications, FAST RIP, and bidirectional communication. Allows you to select preview resolution settings, and a monitor profile. If your Fiery XF server supports the Enable print preview setting, select it to view the preview based on the media profile selected. Also shows the number of processing threads, and the amount of free hard disk space.
Backup & Restore
Creates a system backup of the selected items.
Deletes output, preview, and temporary files created during job processing.
Server File Paths
Moves profiles and program files from their default install location to a different partition.
File Uploader
Uploads color files and media profiles from an external data storage medium or from the desktop directly into the correct program folder.
License & Contract
Displays license details, and activates or deactivates licenses. Also displays the status of your Software Maintenance and Support Agreement (SMSA).
Terms of Use