Fiery Color Profiler Suite Help

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Fiery Color Profiler Suite

Fiery Color Profiler Suite lets you create a fully compliant color profile with International Color Consortium (ICC) standards. It can also evaluate, edit, and test color profiles.

Fiery Color Profiler Suite usually comes with an EFI ES-2000 or EFI ES-3000 Spectrophotometer; a measurement instrument used to create profiles. Other measurement instruments are supported as well.

Fiery Color Profiler Suite offers several modules.

These modules help you create profiles and calibrate a Fiery server:

  • Fiery Express Profiler - Creates calibration sets and a profile for a Fiery-driven printer and creates Fiery job properties preset and/or a virtual printer or a preset that lets you print with the new calibration and profile right away. This module is the fastest way to profile a Fiery-driven printer.

  • Calibrator - Creates a new calibration set for a Fiery-driven printer or updates an existing one.

  • Fiery Printer Profiler - Creates profiles for any RGB or CMYK printer. Creates new calibration sets and profiles for any Fiery-driven printer and allows access to expert profile settings.

  • Fiery Monitor Profiler - Creates profiles for CRT and LCD monitors.

  • Fiery Device Linker - Creates device link profiles and optimizes device link profiles and spot colors.

  • Fiery Print Matcher - Creates calibration sets and profiles that match the color outputs of multiple Fiery-driven printers (each Fiery server must run System 10 software or later).

These modules help you evaluate profiles:

  • Fiery Profile Inspector - Displays three-dimensional models of RGB, CMYK, and Named Color ICC profiles in L*a*b color space, which lets you compare profiles.

  • Fiery Profile Editor - Allows you to edit output profiles. You can make global changes to an output profile or select specific areas to edit.

  • Fiery Verify - Allows you to print and measure a color patch page and compare the measured results to the expected results for a specific reference.

Fiery Color Profiler Suite also includes:

  • Fiery Verify Assistant is a utility for verifying a job’s color output. You can open Fiery Verify Assistant in Command WorkStation when Fiery Color Profiler Suite and Command WorkStation are installed on the same computer.
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