Fiery Verify

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Patch measurement

Perform measurements to quickly compare printed color patches.

Check to make sure your supported handheld measurement instrument is connected.
  1. Optional: Click File > New comparison to start a new comparison.
  2. Optional: If you want, load a reference or a sample file.
  3. Click Comparison > Start patch measurement.
  4. Follow the onscreen calibration instructions to calibrate your measurement instrument.
  5. Click Measurement mode and select your preferred measurement mode.
  6. Click Calibrate.
  7. Click under the Reference or Sample to select where you want the color measurement to appear.
  8. Place the measurement instrument over the color patch you want to measure.
  9. Scan the color patch with the measurement instrument. Fiery Verify will automatically compare the new measurement to what is located in the Reference or Sample columns and display the results.
  10. Click Stop measurement when all desired patches have been measured
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