Fiery Verify

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Create or edit a tolerance set in Fiery Verify

Create or edit a tolerance set to specify the criteria used for comparison by Fiery Verify.

Know the acceptable variation limits for your color workflow including:
  • ΔE formula
  • General ΔE limits
  • Primary color ΔE limits
  • Hue difference ΔH limits
  • Tone value difference tolerance limits
  • Chromaticness difference ΔCh limits
  • NPDC ΔL limits
  • Spot color ΔE limits
Note: Limits define the acceptable tolerance ranges that are calculated for each criterion.
  1. Click Edit > Tolerance Set Editor.
  2. Click .
  3. Select a ΔE formula.
  4. Use the check boxes to select the Tolerance criteria you want.
  5. Enter a Limit for each criteria selected.
  6. Select either Warn or Fail to choose how each criterion will indicate when a measurement exceeds the limit you specify.
    • Warn is informative only and will still allow the comparison to pass.
    • Fail will cause the entire comparison to fail.
  7. Click Save.
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