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Create a verification preset in Fiery Verify

Create a verification preset to change the Color reference, Tolerance set, or Patch set used for color verification in Fiery Verify.

You should know:
  • Color reference is the targeted colors that sample measurements are compared to.
    Note: Industry standard color spaces, such as GRACoL2013 and FOGRA51, comprise most of the color reference selections.
  • Tolerance set is the criteria used for comparison between a color reference and a sample measurement.
  • Patch set is the defined set of color patches printed to use as a measurement sample.
    Note: Industry standard patch sets, such as Idealliance Control Wedge 2013, Fogra Media Wedge V3, and IT8.7/4, comprise most of the patch set selections. Custom patch sets can be imported.

A verification preset consists of a color reference, a tolerance set, and a patch set.

  1. In Fiery Verify, click Edit > Verification Preset Editor.
  2. Select the Verification preset you want to edit.
  3. Click .
  4. Optional: Under Verification preset, edit the name for the new preset.
  5. Select a Color reference appropriate for the color production workflow you want to verify.
    • Click to import a color reference.
    Note: Your color reference is recommended to match the source color profile you use for printing the job where color is being verified.
  6. Select a Tolerance set appropriate for the color production work flow you want to verify.
    • Click to create a new tolerance set.
  7. Select a Patch set appropriate for the verification work flow.
    • Click to import a patch set.
  8. Click Save.
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