Fiery options 1.3 Help (server)

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Managing licenses for Fiery options on server

To use a Fiery option that is installed on the Fiery server, you must first obtain a unique License Activation Code (LAC) and then activate the license.

The Manage Fiery Options window displays the Fiery options that are activated in addition to those that are available to be activated. You can access the Manage Fiery Options window in any of the following ways:
  • Command WorkStation: In Device Center > General tab > General Info, click Manage.
  • WebTools: In the Home tab, click Manage.
  • Fiery Option Package license notifications: Click the Renew Now link.

Obtaining licenses

You can obtain a license for a Fiery option from your Fiery dealer, the printer manufacturer, or from the EFI eStore.

EFI licensing server

The EFI licensing server manages LACs.

When you manage a license, the procedure depends on whether the Fiery server has an Internet connection.

  • If the Fiery server is connected to the Internet, information is transferred between the Fiery server and the EFI licensing server automatically.

  • If the Fiery server is not connected to the Internet, you must transfer information between the Fiery server and the EFI licensing server manually.

If your organization connects to the Internet through a proxy server, you must configure the proxy server settings.

Activating options

When you activate a Fiery option, make sure you record the following for safekeeping:

  • ID of the Fiery server. On the Configuration page, you can find the ID under BIOS Setup. In Command WorkStation, you can find the ID in Device Center under Server Configuration on the General tab. Click RIP and look for the ID under BIOS Setup on the right.

  • Name of the option

  • License Activation Code (LAC)

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