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Fiery FreeForm Create

Fiery FreeForm Create is a stand-alone variable data creation application built on Fiery FreeForm variable data printing (VDP) technology.

Note: The term “FreeForm Create” refers to Fiery FreeForm Create in this document.

With FreeForm Create, you create variable data printing (VDP) jobs in a visual, user-friendly application.

VDP jobs combine a set of master elements that are common across copies of a document with a set of variable elements that change from copy to copy.

This lets you create personalized communications, such as a brochure that greets customers by name and includes other personal information obtained from a database. Background elements, illustrations, and text blocks that do not change across copies of the brochure are master elements. Names and other customer-specific information are variable elements.

FreeForm Create utilizes two different workflows that allow you to easily customize VDP jobs.

In the file merge workflow, you combine a master document with a variable document to create customized print communication using an intuitive graphic based interface.

In the variable data document workflow, you combine a master document with variables directly from a data source spreadsheet to create customized print communication without the need to create a separate variable document first, and without the need for a separate variable data creation application.

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