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EFI ColorGuard

EFI ColorGuard makes it easy to check for and maintain consistent accurate color on your Fiery Driven devices.

With EFI ColorGuard, you create color verification or calibration schedules that automatically prompt operators when it is time to verify or calibrate specific systems. Operators can quickly and easily verify color, and the results are automatically uploaded for review by the production manager. Operators can be notified when to calibrate. You can review the details of individual verifications, comparisons of multiple devices, and verification trends over time and schedule calibrations as needed to ensure your Fiery Driven devices provide consistent color quality.

For each device, you schedule verification, or calibration, of color output in the EFI ColorGuard cloud application. The EFI ColorGuard desktop application will then notify the device operator when a verification is pending, and allow the operator to verify, or calibrate, color output through the desktop application workflow.

In the verification workflow, the desktop application opens FieryMeasure, which the operator uses to measure the color output. Next, Fiery Verify receives the measurements from FieryMeasure and displays a summary of the results. The desktop application uploads the verification results to the cloud application where they can be reviewed and analyzed.

In the calibration workflow, the desktop application opens Fiery Calibrator, which the operator uses to recalibrate the color output of the Fiery Driven device. Calibrator uses FieryMeasure as part of the calibration workflow.

EFI ColorGuard consists of the following:

  • EFI ColorGuard cloud application at https://colorguard.efi.com - Schedules verifications and calibrations to be completed on the EFI ColorGuard desktop application, and tracks the verification results.
  • EFI ColorGuard desktop application - Notifies device operators when to verify or calibrate color output, prints and measures the color output using FieryMeasure, displays the results in Fiery Verify, and uploads the verification results to the EFI ColorGuard cloud application.
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