Variable Data Printing (FS350 and earlier)

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Ways that VDP can specify reusable data

Technologies for specifying reusable data within a VDP language are either page-based or element-based.

The following VDP technologies describe how you can specify reusable data within a VDP language.

  • Page-based technology - Describes static, reusable data (the master element) in terms of entire pages. Each page element is called a master page. Page-based languages are more suitable for simple, predictable layouts. FreeForm is a page-based language.

  • Element-based technology - Describes static, reusable data in terms of elements or objects. Element-based technology lets you use many separate objects within a page as static elements or variable elements individually.

    Element-based variable data jobs use reusable objects for the variable elements in the job, such as images. Because these elements are frequently accessed, they are stored on the Fiery Server and cached as a group.

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