Variable Data Printing (FS350 and earlier)

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Typical VDP job components

A typical VDP job uses content, a database, business rules, layout, VDP application, and a print device.

These major components involve the following:

Variable data component Description
Content Includes the text, images, or photographs placed in different areas of your document. You can create static or variable content using a variety of applications, such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Word.
Database Contains all the changeable or variable elements in a printed document, The data must be in records and fields (categories) for each record.
Business rules Specify which variable content to use and where to place it within your document.
Layout Encompasses the document's design or page layout in any desktop publishing or word processing application. (The layout must accommodate space for variable text and images.)
VDP applications Combine master elements and variable information and prepare the document for printing. (FreeForm does not require a dedicated VDP application.)
Print device Turns digital files into hardcopy documents. This can be any printer, copier, or digital press that supports VDP.

The following diagram shows the VDP components:

1 Layout
2 Database
3 Business rules
4 Content
5 Variable data application
6 Print device
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