Variable Data Printing

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Map master and variable files using Enhanced FreeForm

Enhanced FreeForm lets you map the master and variable file in a fixed user-defined order, eliminating the need to add blank pages to get the desired merged output. (FreeForm always has a fixed page order.)

You can map any page in the master to any page of the variable document. The master may contain more pages than the final document. Additionally, the variable document record length does not have to match the total number of master pages.

  1. Select a FreeForm job and select Actions > Properties.
  2. Click the VDP tab in Job Properties.
  3. From Use Master, select a FreeForm master.
    Note: Make sure that you know the number of master pages used for your job when you select the FreeForm master.
  4. Select Enable Enhanced FreeForm and click Define Mapping.
  5. In Variable Pages per record, enter the number of pages per record for your job.
  6. To preview your master page, click Preview Master.
  7. In Total pages per record to be finished, enter the record length after all the masters and variables are merged for your job, and then click Continue.
  8. Map each page from the Variable Pages column to a master page from the Master Pages column.
  9. For master pages that are not assigned to a variable page, click the up and down arrows to arrange the page order.