Fiery Command WorkStation

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Fiery Command WorkStation overview

Fiery Command WorkStation is the print job management interface for Fiery servers.

With Fiery Command WorkStation, you can connect to multiple Fiery servers and then manage jobs from a single location. The intuitive interface makes complex tasks simple for Operators and Administrators, regardless of the number or types of jobs you process.

Job Center is an integrated feature of Fiery Command WorkStation that includes tools to search for jobs, preview jobs, assign workflows, and manage printing.

You can use Fiery Command WorkStation tools to do the following tasks:

  • Import and preview jobs

  • View information about Fiery servers

  • Specify print options

  • View and modify custom workflows

  • Manage prepress job workflows

  • Use Fiery applications such as imposition software and makeready applications for job preparation and assembly

A number of optional features are available on Fiery servers and all are documented in the user documentation for your Fiery server. However, optional features only display in Fiery Command WorkStation if they are supported by the connected Fiery server; for example, Sample Print.

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