Fiery Command WorkStation

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Filter a job list

You can filter the view of a job list to display only jobs that match specific attributes.

In the Held, Printed, and Archived lists, and in the Job Log, each column displays an attribute of the job. You can filter the job list to restrict the display to only jobs that match specified values for one or more attributes.

You can specify different filters for different job lists and servers. Filter settings remain until you change them or exit Command WorkStation.

  1. In any field that appears below a column heading in a job list, type the value that you want to search for.

    If an arrow appears next to the field, you can also click the arrow and select from a list of values.

    The list of jobs is restricted to the jobs that match the search value.
  2. Optionally, type a value in one or more additional fields to further restrict the list. Only jobs that match all of the search values are displayed.
  3. To clear all filters and display all jobs in the list, click Clear Filter.