Fiery Command WorkStation

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Assign media to a tray

Use the tray association feature to assign media from the Paper Catalog to the trays installed on the copier/printer. If the smart media feature is turned on in Paper Catalog Settings, you can perform automatic tray association.

Assign media to a tray from the Paper Catalog window

In Paper Catalog, you can associate media with a tray by right-clicking or by dragging and dropping.

  1. Select Paper Catalog in Device Center > Resources.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click the media, select Associate to, and select the tray.

    • Drag and drop the media to the desired tray displayed in the Consumables pane.

    Associate to will be displayed only if the media you select matches the specifications for the specific tray. Similarly, you can only drag and drop a media entry that matches the specifications. For instance, you cannot associate Letter size media to a tray intended for Tabloid, or Letter size media with a different weight or feed direction.

Assign media to a tray from the Consumables tab

From the Command WorkStation Consumables tab, you can create or remove an association between media and a tray.

  1. In the main Command WorkStation window, click the Consumables tab in the bottom left pane.
  2. Click the arrow to the right of a tray, or right-click on a tray listing and choose Assign Media.
    Note: If media has been assigned to a tray previously, you can also choose Remove Association. If you click Remove Association, the association is removed without any further action on your part.
  3. In the Tray Information window, select one Paper Catalog entry.

    All possible entries are listed for that tray. If the tray does not recognize any Paper Catalog information, you must either create/modify a Paper Catalog entry that matches the copier/printer tray properties, or set the tray properties on the copier/printer so that the desired Paper Catalog entries show up. Some copiers/printers have many attributes, some have only size.

  4. Click Assign Media.

    The tray association is also displayed in the Paper Catalog window.