Fiery Command WorkStation

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Specify JDF settings for a job

You can set options for a JDF job in the JDF Settings window when you select a JDF job in the Held or Printed list.

To open the JDF Settings window, right-click and select JDF Settings or click the JDF Settings button in the Job Summary pane.

The following tabs are available from the JDF Settings window:

  • Media - Displays the media attributes of the JDF job next to the corresponding Paper Catalog entry. Media for the JDF job can be mapped manually to a Paper Catalog entry in this tab. See Enabling JDF-submitting applications.

  • Job Info - Displays information found in the JDF ticket. Allows you to specify additional MIS details and add comments.

  • Run List - Displays the customer-supplied files used to generate the content of the JDF job. Allows you to add, edit, and reorder the files in the window.

  • Close Job - Allows the job to be manually closed by the operator.

The following actions are available in every tab:

  • Close Job - Closes the job, according to the parameters set in Configure.

  • View Paper Ticket - This option is turned on if the JDF-submitting application included a human-viewable copy of the original job ticket.

  • OK - Saves the settings and closes the window.

  • Cancel - Closes the window without saving any changes to settings.