Fiery Command WorkStation

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Spot colors

The Spot Colors feature is a spot color (named color) manager in Command WorkStation that allows you to edit spot color definitions on the Fiery Server and create custom spot color definitions. Spot Colors is a part of the Spot-On feature. If Spot-On is available for your Fiery Server and is enabled, you can adjust and manage lists of spot colors and their CMYK equivalents.

Spot Colors comes pre-loaded with libraries of named colors such as those from PANTONE, HKS, TOYO, and DIC. The spot color libraries store the original colors with their device-independent definitions (Lab values). For each output profile on the Fiery Server, Spot Colors computes the best available CMYK reproduction of each spot color. Each time a new profile is generated or updated, Spot Colors automatically recalculates the best CMYK equivalents.

You can create a list of “substitute” colors. These are colors that, when called for in a document by their RGB or CMYK values, are substituted with a different color having the CMYK values from the Spot Colors color definition. This permits exact color control and overrides individual RGB and CMYK colors.

If Two-Color Print Mapping is available for your Fiery Server, and is enabled, Spot Colors also allows you to assign spot colors and process colors to the generic colors that are used in a job. The Two-Color Print Mapping feature is designed for print shop operators to simulate a two-color press. You can print a two-color job to a two-color device by mapping the colors in a job to the colors that are already created on the device.