EFI ColorGuard Help

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Create a calibration schedule

Schedule calibration to notify press operators when to conduct color calibration from the EFI ColorGuard desktop application.

You should know:

The Job Properties Preset of the device you want to use.

Job properties presets specify the group of job properties that will be used for the scheduled calibration. Select the preset that matches the job properties of the production workflow you want to calibrate for.

  1. Open https://colorguard.efi.com.
  2. Sign into EFI ColorGuard using your EFI IQ credentials.
  3. Click .
  4. Click Create New Schedule.
  5. Select Recalibration.
  6. In the Name box type a name for the new schedule.
  7. Select the Device to be included in the calibration schedule.
  8. Choose the Calibration set appropriate for the calibration schedule.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Schedule the time and days for the color calibration to occur.
  11. Optional: Under Notifications, click Add Recipient to send email notifications for calibration events.
    Note: Any email address can receive notifications.
  12. Click Done.